High Rope & Zip-Line Park

Our park has 60 elements with 2 Main Courses and a Zip-line Park for anyone over 140cm tall and 4 Mini Courses for anyone over 100cm tall.

Located in scenic surroundings of the Stranda river in Åsbrekkegjellet, the varied, fun and challenging elements offer something for all ages.

Open Days

2020 Season

Open Weekends: 2nd May > 11th Oct

Open every day: 20th June > 30th Aug

*Closed 17th May


21st & 22nd May

1st June

5th > 9th Oct : Autumn Holiday


Park Entry / Check-In

10am > 3pm

*Park Closes about 5pm


*briefs held every hour
*Season memberships also should also book a briefing time

Main Course

2 Courses, 26 Elements and 2 long Zip-Lines

Each element presents different challenges and there are several junctions where you can take a short-cut past some of the more challenging elements and come back to them later.


kr 380.-

  • Minimum height: 140cm

  • Highest point: 14m


Zip-Line Park

5 Zip-Lines

Zip through the forest from tree to tree and over flying over the rapids of the Stranda River.


Main Course + Zip-line:
kr 465.-


Mini Course + Zip-line:
kr 285.-


Zip-Line Only:
kr 285.-

  • Minimum height: 140cm

  • Longest Zip: 150m!


Mini & Micro Courses

4 Courses, 23 Elements and 4 Zip-Lines

These courses are for the smaller adventurers! On the Micro Course parents can help the smallest monkeys get ready for the Mini Course nice and close to the ground.


kr 200.-

  • Minimum height: 100cm

  • Highest point: 6m


Good to Know

  • There are no age limits!

  • Min Height: Main & Zip-Line = 140cm

  • Min Height: Mini & Micro = 100cm

  • Usual duration: 1–4 hours

  • Maximum weight 130kg

Whats Included

  • Harness and safety system

  • All instruction

What you need

  • Clothing to suit the weather

  • Shoes that cannot fall off


Birthday Parties!

Birthday party arrangements can be organized within our normal park opening time. The park is usually most busy from 12 to 2pm, so we recommend to book the park early or after 2pm.

The Viking Cabin can be reserved for the venue and the the outdoor grills will be available and supplied with grill coals utensils.

Just get in touch for more info or to make a booking.

  • Birthdayboy/girl + 1 parent enter for FREE

  • Minimum Group size = 10

    NB* Adult Supervision

  • Based upon 3-4 hours in the park

    (2-3 hours in the trees)

  • Viking Cabin can be resverved



After Check-in and before entering any of the Courses you will be equipped with the correct harness, helmet and safety system and then take part in a safety briefing. Our trained instructors will make sure everyone understands how to use the equipment and make their way around the trees safely.

The entire park now uses the same Continuous Belay Safety System which you guide around each course without ever being disconnected from the safety wire.

Season Membership 2020

If you think you might come several times you can purchase individual Season or Family membership tickets, valid for the whole summer season.

  • Mini + Micro Course: Kr 560.- p/p
  • High Rope & Zip-Line Park (whole Park): kr 1300.- p/p
  • High Rope & Zip-Line Park : Family Membership (whole Park): kr 4650.-


  • The booking / receipt number is the membership number
  • Season membership is only valid on summer open days
  • Individual membership tickets are valid for the named person only
  • Family membership tickets are valid for the household family members named on purchase

Adult Supervision – Read before booking!

Main + Zip-line Courses

  • 16+ years: Must sign a waiver
  • <16 years: A responsible adult must sign the waiver
  • 12 > 15 years: An adult must be at the Park, but is NOT required to go on the course
  • <12 years: An adult MUST be on the course with the kids (MAX 4 – 1)

Mini & Micro Courses

  • 16+ years: Must sign a waiver
  • <16 years: A responsible adult must sign the waiver
  • 5 > 15 years: An adult must supervise their kids but is NOT required to go on the course
  • <5 years: A responsible adult MUST be on the course (MAX 2 – 1)
Online Booking

Online Booking

Please check users requirement and parental supervision rules before booking!

Drop-In: It's possible to just drop-in, but we cannot guarantee availability

*We hold briefings every hour


It is possible to book a return shuttle from Voss Train Station for certain briefing times when booking online

  • 11am Briefing = Shuttle 10am - return 1:30pm
  • 3pm Briefing = Shuttle 2:30pm - return ca 6-6:30pm
Price:  kr 72,- (Select at booking)
Group Bookings

Group and Package Bookings

  • Prices outside of normal Open day dates

    Main Course: kr 440.- pp
    Mini Course: kr 220.- pp

  • Group Discount

    10% discount for groups over 14 participants

  • Ring Us

    +47 56 510525

  • E-Mail Us



High Rope & Zip-Line Park

Vossastrandvegen, 5713 Vossastrand

The Park is 14 km north from Voss centre.

Follow the E16 and look for the Parking area on the right 1,8 km after Tvinde Camping (about 150 meter before you cross a river bridge).

From the car park it is about 5 minutes by foot to the park following the signs.