EU Bus Driver: D-95 license

EU Bus Driver: D-95 license

We have positions for European Bus & Minibus Drivers:
  • EU citizen with D license and Professional driver certificate (code 95/CPC)
  • Full time seasonal: Between May and Oct (dates to be discussed)
Job Description

Join our team of drivers running logistics on rivers trips and all activities we offer.

Drivers are involved in many aspects of activities we offer, from rafting tours to Team-building. Through the season we offer a reliable quantity of work depending on your eagerness and additional skills. Staff are also encouraged to take some time off to see the amazing country we live in!

As part of the main driving team, responsibilities include logistics and general care of the vehicles, preparing refreshments, organizing and gearing up customers. We try to share the work load and variety of activities around the staff to give everyone a reliable and equal amount of varied work.

We have a fleet of 4 minibuses and 2 large buses.

If you want to join this Dream Team, read the application requirements listed and send us the requested CV and info.

NB* These positions are ONLY available for EU citizens with the D + CPC driving license and any application not fulfilling this requirement probably will not get a reply.

Please send your application including the following info to

  • Name / Age / Country
  • CV of previous employment
  • Driving License details and experience – (must be D + code 95 CPC)
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Other skills: Carpentry / Computer skills etc
  • Hobbies: Kayaker / Paragliding etc