This is the most extreme river activity we offer, you are in charge of your own destiny and choose how hard you go!

Riverboarding is hard work, wet and wild! By the end of the tour you will be ready to relax in our amazing hot tubs!

At the river, there will be a safety talk and instruction before jumping in the river. You will spend some time at the stating point learning to control your board and rescuing yourself before heading down the river.

The rapids generally start easy and get harder as you go down the river passing through rapids, surfing waves and playing on the way. For the brave there may be a chance to push some harder rapids, but anyway you go, all will be completely supervised by our professional team.

The tour includes a wholesome warm lunch or dinner served in the Elvatun Restaurant after the tour.

  • kr 1330.- p/p

    Summer price: kr 1160.- (without food)

  • 15 during the year

  • inc warm meal

  • Mid May to Sept

  • 10am & 3pm

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Detailed Info


  • About 3-4 hours base to base
  • About 1.5 – 2 hours on river

Guest Requirements

  • Min Age 15
  • GOOD Physical Health
  • GOOD Swimmer
  • Sober!
  • Please inform us of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy etc
  • Contact us for vegetarian option!


  • All equipment
  • Warm meal after tour
  • Refreshment during trip

You need!

  • Swimming suit/shorts
  • Towel for showers
  • Thermal underwear if cold


Rafting Center & Restaurant