Park Safety and History

Park Safety and History

Our park was originally built in 2000, with 4 elements and a zipline.  Over the years park technology has developed worldwide, and in 2010 we started a total ‘rebuild’ with a long term plan to develop the park you see today. 

In 2012 we added the Mini, then the Micro courses so just about anyone could join the fun, then in 2017 we added the first part of the Zipline Park.  In 2019 we upgraded the original safety system, so that now, the entire park runs a the Koala Equipment Continuous Belay safety system.

The adventure continues and we aim to develop the park with new ideas, new challenges to provide more fun!

Continuous Safety System

The entire park now uses a Continuous Belay Safety System, meaning from entering a course and leaving the ground, you are constantly attached to the safety wire at all times until you land back on earth!

Safety Briefing

Every participant will have to go through a safety briefing, even if you have visited us before, or been to other parks.

Once the instructor has given you the ‘thumbs up’ they will take you to an entry point and make sure you get off to a good start.

Parental Supervision

The Park is not a ‘guided tour’ and participants are very much in charge of their own destiny.

We use a ‘Buddy’ system and the course training includes how to help and look after each other.

Parents will need to look after their offspring depending on their age, so be sure to check the rules.

Park Certification

The Park is regulated by the SJT, the same body that regulates ski resorts, amusement parks and railways. 

We follow a strict regime of inspections controls, operation routines, staff training and repair logs to make sure everything is up to standard and safe.