Voss Rafting Senter was started in 1992 as a department under Dagali Rafting AS, a company owned by Eivind Scharffenberg with Frode Solbakk as the manager.

In 1995, Frode purchased the VRS department together with David Monaghan and Jan Erik Short, and so founded the company Voss Rafting Senter AS. In this phase, it was important for us to be able to offer a more extreme product than other companies in Norway, and we found demanding rivers that caught the attention of both potential customers and the media.

World-class rafting is an important sales focus for the company, but in recent years we have developed many new products with varying degrees of difficulty to satisfy a wider audience.

VRS has been a key player in placing Voss on the map as a city for experience-based tourism, both in terms of cooperation locally and regionally.  We have been heavily involved with the development of the destination, Not least, we have made Voss visible through the media. In 1998, we took the initiative to run ‘Pepsi-Max Week’, today known as Ekstremsportveko. We have also been involved in TV productions for  as Lonely Planet, 71’Nord, Time For Travel, Tomorrows World, Flo Fjell og Fjøre and the Amazing Race.

In 2003 we renovated a property in Skulestadmo, and in 2004 we moved into the new state-of-the-art facilities, which soon included a restaurant with hot-tubs and sauna!

We are proud to present one of the most well-run experience companies in the country with a good working environment and not least particularly satisfied guests!