High Ropes Park: Instructor + Maintenance

High Ropes Park: Instructor + Maintenance

We are looking for someone keen and multi-talented to join our Dream- Team!

Job Description

  • Senior Instructor – possibly a daily Park Leader
  • Maintenance and building of park activities
  • Maintenance and building of the park facilities 
  • Full time seasonal: from April through Oct (to be discussed)

Qualifications / Experience

  • Experience working in High Rope Parks or Climbing centres
  • Relevant timber building experience: Decking, timber framing etc
  • Experience of drilled / glued rock anchors
  • Experience working with wire rope and fittings
  • Chainsaw licence 
  • Experience building High Rope Park is very advantageous!
  • Minimum 21 years of age

We are looking for instructors that can also be involved with building and maintaining our High Rope Park.

Our park has been designed and built by our own staffs brains, sweat and tears!  Over the years we have developed the park concept, adding new areas and facilities based on demand and our dreams, and there is much more development to come!

This job is for someone that can be trained to build and maintain the park elements and grounds during the quieter periods of the season, and also be part of the full time instructor pool during the high season of July & August.

As a Senior Instructor the position can include being trained to be a Park Leader, which means being responsible for the entire park operation from checking bookings, planning staff, overseeing the safe operation of the park and all the daily admin involved.

If you want to join this Dream Team please send us a full CV as requested below.

Please send your application including the following info to operations@vossactive.no

  • CV including relevant experience and qualifications
  • Details of Valid 1st Aid training 
  • Driving License details and experience
  • List of references
  • How did you hear about us?
  • Other skills of interest: Computer skills etc
  • Hobbies: Climber, Kayaker etc

Available Jobs

High Ropes Park Instructors

We are looking for new faces to join are amazing instructor crew for the 2024 season and beyond!

We have positions available from the start of May through to the 13th of October or periods in agreement.

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